This torque wrench uses a calibrated scale fitted to the handle to precisely measure torque and includes a graduated tip to prevent parallax error.

This dual head torque wrench is constructed with a powerful steel alloy and a durable corrosion-resistant mirror-chrome finish for long lasting service life in your automotive garage or at home.

This intuitive scale is calibrated in both directions from 0 to 200 foot-pounds (SAE), while also in metric from 0 to 20 meter-kilograms for quick and easy readability and convenience to the user.

Beam deflection wrenches provide precise readings every time and do not come out of calibration like a drive click torque wrench that must be recalibrated.

The grooved handle to help supply ample torque to your bolts and nuts.

Item No. 020464-01HC Packaging Header card

Steel alloy

MOQ 500


  • 1/2″DR.*15KGF DOUBLE TORQUE WRENCH Related Video: